Hey! I’m Luca Ranaldo, a multi-disciplinary based in Barcelona, born in Italy, lover of nature and art and amateur electronic musician.

I got a versatile attitude and passion for everything is around design, technology and music. My areas of competences are Visual Design, Generative Design, Music Production and Sound Design. Daily I work at WOOD as Graphic designer, Social Manager and Community Manager, my personal music label focused on a natural visual concept and which support deep electronic music. In the past, I’ve been working with lots of companies in nice projects such as professional catalogs, websites, mobile apps and full visual projects that you can see here in my portfolio.


I help brands to communicate their value using the most effective visual design techniques and strategies. 

Please call me at +34 651561847 or contact me by email at lucaranaldo@gmail.com and I will explain everything you need to know about my processes and how design can help you to communicate your ideas and improve your communication.

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(Record Label) – https://soundcloud.com/woodrecordlabel
(Private Profile) – https://www.facebook.com/LucaRanaldo