Hey! I’m Luca Ranaldo, a visual designer based in Barcelona, born in Italy, lover of nature and art and amateur percussionist.

I grown up in a little town which the name is Paduli a beautiful little world ornamented by woods, fields, amazing people connect by simplicity and an still present pristine environment. I had the chance to grow and the particularity to see problems just as a game where the result of perfection, had work, learning from failure, loyalty and persistence.

I had the opportunity to get a degree in “Visual Communication Design” at Politecnico di Milano, one of the best school in Europe about Design and Architecture.

During the degree I got the opportunity to move in Birmingham (Uk) for an amazing course of Animation and Moving Image in BCU University where I recorded my first score and I hardened my skills of motion videos and professional editing.

I am also able to create audio, music and sound design project as myself the owner of a music storytelling label where I’m present as main brain and as “Main Leaf” my alias for music projects. I think that our life is a magnificent illusion, a train ride where we are living the present for make a better tomorrow for ourself and our loved Mother Earth.

I help brands to communicate their value using the most effective visual design techniques and strategies. 

Facebook-top---4Please call me at +34 651561847 or contact me by email at lucaranaldo@gmail.com and I will explain everything you need to know about my processes and how design can help you to communicate your ideas and improve your communication.


Luca Ranaldo

(Record Label) – https://soundcloud.com/woodrecordlabel

(Private Profile) – https://www.facebook.com/LucaRanaldo